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CEO Zain Jeewanjee
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Entertainment Equipment Floater
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Qualification Questions
Any equipment losses in the past 5 years?
Yes No
Principally invloved in pornography production?
Yes No
Any Coverage cancelled or denied in past 3 years?
Yes No
Do you currently have an equipment floater policy through Fireman's Fund McGee MArine Underwriters?
Yes No
Are you primarily in the business of rentig equipment to others?
Yes No
Additional Information
Years of Industry Experience:
Description of Business Operations:
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If schedule equipment is over $100,000, advise name of central station alarm company at primary location:
Prior Coverage
Carrier Name:
Policy Number:
Expiration Date:  
Coverage Options
Coverage Start Date:  
Coverage End Date:  
Category Limit to Insure
Scheduled Equipment
Editing/Post Production Equipment :
Recording/Studio Equipment :
Sound/Location Recording Equipment :
Musical Instruments/Band Equipment :
Camera/Production Equipment :
P.A./Sound Reinforcement Equipment :
Office Contents:
Theatrical Equipment :
Unscheduled Equipment
Rented Equipment:
Unscheduled Equipment ($10,000 maximum):
Rental Reimbursement (Daily Limit): $500 $1,000 $1,500
$2,000 $2,500
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